Beautiful Basement Remodeling Trends
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Beautiful Basement Remodeling Trends

Posted October 18, 2016

3 Great Ideas For Your Kitchen Remodel

A basement remodel is one of the most exciting home improvement steps you can take in your house. However, it’s sometimes a challenge to make those decisions about how to have the remodelers design your basement. Here are a few simple tips to maximize your basement remodeling in Pittsburgh and make the improved space feel as comfortably inviting as possible.

For starters, be sure to select a lighter paint color for the basement. There is rarely a lot of natural light that makes it in to the basement, so choosing a darker color can sometimes make the space feel small and too claustrophobic. Choose a lighter color that brings in the color scheme from the rest of your home, and you’ll find that it makes the space feel cozy without being confining.

Along these same lines, it brings a streamlined sense of wholeness to your home when the basement ties in with the rest of the house. Beyond the paint color, be sure to have your remodelers accent the room with other features that are found throughout your home. Consider installing hardwood floors in your basement. It makes for a beautiful statement that may match the feel of rooms upstairs, but there may also be risk of flooding in your area. Ask your experts in basement remodeling in Pittsburgh whether they think hardwoods are right for your basement – laminate or corkboard flooring may make for an excellent, water resistant solution, as well!

Finally, don’t feel like you have to skimp on furnishings in your new basement. In other places in your home, too many furnishings can make it feel cluttered. In the basement, however, it actually feels bigger to carefully fill the space with curated, comfortable pieces. With these tips in mind, you’re set to start on dream basement remodel. Call today for more information on basement remodeling in Pittsburgh.

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