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We Were Founded In 1999 To Be A Unique Home Improvement Company…

And 17+ Years Later We Have Stayed True To Those Values.

About Us

In the late 90s, the three owners found themselves working together at another home improvement company. They had years of combined experience in the home improvement industry, and they had seen enough to know they could do better.

Better for the homeowners, who often were being short-changed on both the quality of the products and the level of service and installation.

They came together, determined to start a company that would do things differently.

Of course, all that sounds nice in theory… but would it work in the world of home improvement?

The answer for the last 17+ years has been a definite YES. Pittsburgh area homeowners love getting quality work and products and being treated with respect and fairness.

The success can be demonstrated with facts:

We thank all the Pittsburgh homeowners that have chosen to hire us to complete their home projects. It proves what we thought was true all those years ago when we started in 1999: you really can do things the right way and still be successful.

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